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I worked this long and only made that much!

      Retail has been on the web since January 22nd 2001, and this is all I have to show for it! Well, I may just be getting started, but sooner or later (probably later) the web will be stuffed full of Retail comic strips. Y'see, it's all just like supply and demand; you demand the strips, I'll send the order off to corporate, the stock will get lost at the wharehouse, and the delivery will come late (broken) right after the sale ends.

Retail Daily - 2001
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Retail Weekly - 2001
  The Crush
    April 13th, "Love is in the Air"
    April 20th, "Musical Prejudice"
    April 27th, "True Colors"
    May 4th, "What Do You Expect? They're Guys."
    May 11th, "Hey, They're Still Guys."

The Warehouse Day
  May 18th, "Are we Indentured Servants?"
  May 25th, "Somethings you Don't See Everyday."
  June 1st, "Future Air Traffic Controller."
  June 8th, "Handle with Care."
  June 15th, "Saturday Morning."

  The Brat
    June 22nd, "True Story."
    June 29th, "Stirring Speech."
    July 13th, "We'll Put 'em Back."
    July 20th, "Semisweet Revenge."
    July 27th, "Lawsuit... yes."

  August 3rd, "Concept Art"
  August 10th, "Payday...whoo-hoo."
  August 17th, "Common Customer Consideration."
  August 24th, "Planning Ahead."
  September 7th, "Death Sentence."

  Nine Eleven
    September 14th, "America's Reaction to Terrorism."
    September 21st, "OVERNIGHT Patriotism."

The Cashwrap
  September 28th, "Cashier Fever."
  October 5th, "I Think I Can, I Think I Can... I Can't."
  October 11th, "It Follows You Home."

  The Smokers
    October 19th, "Coughin' Nails."
    October 26th, "Revenge is a Dish Best Served Fresh."
    November 2nd, "Say my Name, Say my Name."
    November 9th, "Customer Service Desk Pic."
    November 16th, "Goodbye 4th Wall."

The Happy Holiday
  November 23rd, "Black Friday: The Day-After-Thanksgiving Scramble."
  November 30th, "It's Beginning to Sound Alot Like Christmas."
  December 7th, "That Poor Old Woman's Cat."
  December 14th, "Come On Man, Just Do the Deed."
  December 21st, "Merry Christmas."
  December 29th, "Post-Holiday Madness."
  January 1st, "We'll Never Make Plan."

  The Concept Art
    January 25st, Joe Concept Sketches
    February 1st, Zoe Concept Sketches
    February 9th, Chaz Concept Sketches

The Hair
  February 15th, "Ma'am?"
  February 22nd, "True Friendship."
  March 1st, "Never Let a Good Joke Die."
  March 9th, "Just Follow the Instructions... If You Can."

  The Crush... again
    March 16th, "They Think They're being Cute."
    March 29th, "It's Gonna be a Long Day."
    April 5th, "Sounding Board."
    April 12th, "Another True Story."
    April 19th, "'Heavy Box' is a Brand Name."
    April 26th, "The Universal Standard of Customer Service."
    May 5th, "It Really Does Go 'Squeak'."
    May 10th, "Wow, I Suck at being Cool."
    May 24th, "Priorities."

The Perfect Storm
  June 1st, "Boxed In."
  June 9th, "Nature sure is a Bitch."
  June 15th, "More sage Advice."
  June 19th, "Peanut Gallery."

  The Heartbreak
    July 7th, "AAARRRGGGH."
    July 13th, "It's for ... You?"
    July 20th, "Love Lorn."
    July 27th, "Long Walk Down Memory Lane."

The Burger Czar
  August 3th, "Vocation Vacation."
  August 9th, "Welcome to Ghettoville."
  August 17th, "Greese Squared."
  August 25th, "Grumble."
  August 31th, "Freezer Burn."
  September 6th, "This Game Rules."
  September 14th, "Yes... Only 5."
  September 30th, "Working?"
  October 6th, "Scary, Scary Sight."
  October 11th, "Severnace Pay."
  October 20th, "Job Search, Day 9."

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